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The First 9 Months

From grubbing to pilling

Building a project the size of TeesREP is a lengthy and complicated process. Construction of the TeesREP began in August 2016 and commissioning is due to begin in 2019 with full commercial operation due to start early 2020.

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On the Ground

On the ground, the first visible steps were clearing the site – known as "grubbing" - and levelling the site. These early works included demolition of derelict buildings, remediation works and provision of health & welfare facilities. These site preparations work took five months. The first piles were placed in February, with over 4000 due to be installed by September.

Over the next six months on the ground construction activity is set to increase significantly:

  • Foundations, substructures and structural steelwork will commence;
  • The on-site workforce planned to increase from 100 to approximately 500;
  • First evidence of the new project appearing above ground will start in August – the biomass boiler steelwork;
  • The first sections of the boiler will follow shortly thereafter in October.

Detailed Design & Scheduling

A project the size of TeesREP requires considerable work behind the scenes. Concurrent to the on the ground works, the principal contractor, Samsung C&T / Técnicas Reunidas, has been carrying out design work, preparing layout and elevation plans and structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering work. Alongside the detailed design the principal contractor has been planning the sequencing of the various technical work packages for the TeesREP’s forty-one-month construction period.

The principal contractor has also been preparing the technical specifications for the host of specialist work packages that will be required for the project.

The Subcontractor's Website

The principal contractor will be providing updates and contact details for upcoming subcontracts at on a new website – you can visit it here: